TSA to deploy advanced X-ray, body imager systems

Published May 30th, 2008

The Transportation Security Administration announced that it intends to deploy hundreds of "next generation" X-ray machines and whole body imagers to improve inspections and reduce air passenger lines during the summer vacation season.

The agency will install more than 200 of the faster, clearer X-ray machines at Philadelphia, Washington Dulles and Reagan, Los Angeles, Denver, Las Vegas and other airports. These new X-ray machines offer multiple views of carry-on baggage and a much clearer image, allowing officers to screen carry-on bags with fewer physical searches.

In addition, millimeter wave whole body imagers will be deployed to several airports in the coming weeks, including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Miami, Detroit, Las Vegas, Washington-Reagan and Denver.

According to a TSA survey of passengers at the airports where millimeter wave is currently deployed, more than 90 percent of passengers have chosen the machines over pat-down inspections by security officers.

Both the X-ray and millimeter wave technologies allow officers to screen passengers for metallic and non-metallic items without conducting pat-down inspections. This reduces air traffic delays while maintaining high security standards, says TSA.

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