TSA Unveils Less Stressful Screening Process

Created: Monday, 31 Mar 2008, 7:12 PM EDT

New TSA security lines unveiled.


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The Transportation Safety Administration is unveiling major changes for airline passenger checkpoints.

Expect cool blue instead of cold steel at TSA checkpoints. Even mood music playing in the background.

The TSA saying it has to evolve as security needs continue to change.

Look for wider aisles and flatscreen TVs with plainly written instructions. There will also be three separate lines, one for experienced travelers, one for casual travelers and one for families.

The TSA is hoping to use new technology to enhance their employees' jobs and the travel experience for airline passengers.

Officers will have new uniforms, wear wireless radios and be able to scan driver’s licenses.

The TSA is also hoping the changes are more user friendly for the passenger.

Whole body scanning ex-ray equipment will allow for an efficient search, while blurring faces for privacy.

Benches at the end of the checkpoint allow for a place to sit while putting on your shoes.

The TSA will roll out the new checkpoint in May at Baltimore Washington International airport.

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