TSA Wins Awards for Technology, Environmental Programs

June 16, 2008

TSA employees were recognized recently for successful programs in two widely diverse areas – technology and the environment.

TSA scored the first-ever A+ rating in the Department of Homeland Security's FISMA Scorecard – named for the Federal Information System Management Act that requires every federal agency to develop, implement and document programs to measure information system security.

The award establishing a pattern; TSA last year scored an A, which was the highest for components of Homeland Security.

"We are proud of this achievement and appreciate the effort towards IT Security and the proper protection of TSA data," said Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer Stephen Rice. "This accomplishment truly demonstrates TSA as a leader in IT Security for DHS."

FISMA requires each federal department to identify risks intrinsic to each of its systems, develop ways to mitigate those risks, and report results of ongoing system assessments to the Office of Management and Budget.

TSA has led Homeland Security components despite having one of the largest inventories of systems in the department – clear testament to the excellent teamwork that has been developed and nurtured.

On the environmental front, TSA received the White House Closing the Circle and the Federal Electronics Challenge Gold awards for leadership in life-cycle management of electronic assets.

Closing the Circle is a presidential award that recognizes outstanding achievements of federal employees that result in significant contributions to promoting environmental stewardship. The Federal Electronics Challenge, managed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Office of Federal Environmental Executive, encourages federal agencies to reduce environmental impacts of their electronic products.

TSA formed an electronics stewardship team of employees from the Office of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment, Office of Property Management, and the Information Technology Division. The team developed an environmentally friendly computer refreshment project and, from September 2006 through March 2007, every computer at TSA was replaced with environmentally preferable computers as well as printers, copiers and fax machines. A bulletin was created to guide TSA employees on best electronics practices in the workplace. Instead of disposing of surplus equipment, TSA donated, sold for reuse, or recycled old computers. (Information on hard drives was protected as TSA standards require.)

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