Two TSOs Get Their Jobs Back When TSA Fails To Follow Its Own Policies

Two Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) got their jobs back after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Disciplinary Review Board concluded that the agency had failed to follow its own policies and procedures.
In the first case, a Dallas/Forth Worth TSO was restored to her position as a Lead after being demoted to TSO because TSA management failed to follow the doctrine of progressive discipline in determining the appropriate discipline in her case. In March, the TSA Disciplinary Review Board found that the employee made an unintentional mistake and that she acted quickly to correct it, thereby minimizing operational impact. The board ruled that such mistakes can and do occur, and decided that in her case, a demotion was excessive punishment. The LTSO's pay grade and pay rate have since been restored and she has received back pay for any loss of pay that resulted from the demotion action.

In another case, a TSO in Atlanta was reinstated for similar reasons. In that case, the TSO failed a Standard Operating Procedures test and was placed on a performance improvement plan (PIP) in which weekly meetings with his supervisor and basic screener training were required. The supervisor never met with him on a weekly basis and the TSO was never given the opportunity to attend the training. The TSO failed his second test and was removed. The TSO's union filed an appeal with the Disciplinary Review Board, arguing that TSA did not follow its own policy when the TSO was placed under the PIP. The board subsequently ruled in favor of the TSO.

In both cases, the TSOs were represented by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE).

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