Two Views Of TSA Employees

The Tampa Tribune

Published: June 28, 2008

Outraged By Article

Regarding "Rebelling Against Airport Tyranny" (Other Views, June 23):

I am outraged by this article.

Walter Williams refers to hardworking Transportation Security Administration screeners as "tyrants" and "idiots." As a college student, I know that this is far from the case. I also know just how important airport security is.

Williams questions TSA's purpose and actually asks for them to present "an account of themselves, namely just how many hijackings or bombings they have prevented." This is outrageous and ridiculous. I know that by preventing even one hijacking, they have done their job.

Williams is obviously incompetent in this area, and I firmly believe this article was a disgrace.



Screeners Were Abusive

I read Walter Williams column with great interest. My wife and I just returned to Tampa traveling through the Atlanta airport.

As I had set off the alarms when I went through the metal detector, I told the TSA worker that I had a hip replacement and needed to go through advanced screening. She smiled and said that would be her decision and told me to go through again.

By this time my wallet, money and jewelry in my briefcase had cleared X-ray and were traveling down the belt. I told the TSA worker of my concern, and she just smiled and told me to go through the metal detector a second time.

Someone stepped in front of my wife to go through the metal detector, and I began to panic. After going through the metal detector a second time and seeing someone in front of my wife, I told the TSA worker my wife needed to come through to catch up with our belongings.

The TSA worker informed me she was in charge. She directed me to wait at the end of a glass hallway.

Finally a second TSA worker came over and checked me thoroughly then had me remove my belt and said he wanted to run it through the X-ray.

At the end of this process both workers looked at each other and smiled. They obviously enjoyed this game they were playing.

I have traveled extensively for many years, and this was my first encounter with this level of abuse.



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