Union for TSA workers picketing

Indianapolis - If you're flying out of town today you might see protestors at the airport.

They started picketing Thursday in several spots around Indianapolis International Airport, handing out pamphlets.

They're at airports across the country as well.

The union American Federation of Government Employees represents 40,000 airport employees of the TSA nationwide.

They're pushing for an expansion of collective bargaining rights, the ability to negotiate a better deal between the union and employers.

The union is also calling on Congress to confirm former Hoosier and FBI director John Pistole as the new director of the TSA.

He is being urged by some on Capitol Hill to reject the union's demands before he's even been confirmed.

The union has been unable to convince two previous TSA administrators to grant the union full recognition to bargain for wages and other benefits.

People who work for the TSA staff security checkpoints, check passengers, bags and operate full body scanning machines.

This is not a strike. It's unlikely to affect travel at the airport, but is one of the first signs that the union is upset and trying to get the word out.

The union has a 30 day permit to picket at the airport. It's unclear if they'll use that entire time or will try for another permit in another month.

You can read more about this story in today's Indianapolis Star.

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