Union spokesperson from TSA speaks out about how workers feel about new procedures

* By: Christina Boomer By: Christina Boomer

Chris Soulia is president of the American Federation of Government Employees Local 1234.

That's the union for TSA workers in Nevada, California and Arizona.

Soulia said, “We’ve been taking a lot of abuse in the media. There's been a lot of stories of officers groping and molesting passengers that is just not the case. We are not groping people, we are not molesting people.”

He said the TSA are comprised of workers just like you, expect their boss has tasked them with a very important job, keeping the flying public safe from a terrorist attack.

“I do sympathize with these people, we are not trying to be monsters here, but we do want to keep them safe.”

At Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal 4, Anthony Crespino watched demonstrators chant slogans protesting TSA’s new scanners and pat-down procedures.

He said, “I can see some of the issues with our liberties but they are just trying to protect you, keep you safe.”

Soulia said that’s the reaction more people seem to be adopting as news of this new way of American air travel begins to settle in.

“I talked to some of my co-workers this morning and they said passengers seem to be in a better mood, they are more understanding.”

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