VA Undersecretary for VBA to Step Down

The Pentagon said Thursday it will scour its procedures for identifying volatile soldiers hidden in the ranks following the Fort Hood shooting rampage and lapses that might allow others to slip through bureaucratic cracks. A 45-day emergency investigation will examine personnel, medical, mental health, discharge and other policies in all corners of the vast Defense Department. It will also look at ways to improve security and emergency response at Defense Department facilities.

The Army says there will be an outside review of how body armor for its soldiers is tested. The Government Accountability Office said last month that the Army made mistakes in testing a new body armor design. The Army had said that the criticism was overblown. It also said that no U.S. troops have been killed in combat as a result of any problems with the armor. Nonetheless, Army Secretary John McHugh announced Friday that the National Research Council will do an independent assessment of the Army's body armor testing.

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