Turf battles could hamper launch of Homeland Security Department

January 03, 2003

Last June, President Bush called congressional leaders to the White House to lay out the challenge they faced in creating the massive new Homeland Security Department he had just proposed. "There's going to be a lot of turf protection in the Congress," Bush pointedly warned some of the potential culprits seated around the table in the Cabinet Room. Then, raising the stakes, the president added, "I'm convinced that by working together, we can do what's right for America." It took Congress almost six months of often-bitter debate to get the job done.

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Homeland Security contractors may get indemnification

January 02, 2003

The defense and technology industries are hopeful that in the coming weeks, the Bush administration will commit to picking up the tab for some future lawsuits involving homeland security products and services provided to government.

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Federal Airport Workers Tell of Pay Glitches

November 22, 2002

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of new federal airport security screeners hailed as front-line defenders in the war on terrorism are working without pay because of logistical glitches, government officials acknowledge.

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Union Makes Appeal to Airport Screeners

November 18, 2002

Linthicum, Md. - Sporting a rumpled jacket and a stained tie, Peter Winch skulks about Baltimore-Washington International Airport on a mission improbable: persuading federal airport screeners to join the American Federation of Government Employees, even though the union might never be allowed to represent them.

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