Panel Calls for Vast Changes in Focus of Federal Agencies

January 07, 2003

The panel, led by Paul A. Volcker, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, and made up of former officials, urged Congress to raise executive, legislative and especially judicial salaries to stay competitive with the private and nonprofit sectors and to work with the White House to streamline presidential appointments and to ease some Watergate-era ethics rules and financial disclosure requirements that it said had not proved necessary.

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Think Tanks for Homeland Security

January 06, 2003

Homeland security chief Tom Ridge has been tapping into the collective wisdom of the think tank community of late as he works to bring the new Department of Homeland Security into being.

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Homeland Security Challenge: Make 22 Agencies Work as One

January 05, 2003

The transition office for the new Homeland Security Department has the spare feel of Internet start-up soon to be abandoned. The walls are bare, save one on which employees keep count of the days until Jan. 24, when the agency will transform from concept to reality. The offices and rooms are sparsely furnished.

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Turf battles could hamper launch of Homeland Security Department

January 02, 2003

Last June, President Bush called congressional leaders to the White House to lay out the challenge they faced in creating the massive new Homeland Security Department he had just proposed. "There's going to be a lot of turf protection in the Congress," Bush pointedly warned some of the potential culprits seated around the table in the Cabinet Room. Then, raising the stakes, the president added, "I'm convinced that by working together, we can do what's right for America." It took Congress almost six months of often-bitter debate to get the job done.

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Homeland Security contractors may get indemnification

January 01, 2003

The defense and technology industries are hopeful that in the coming weeks, the Bush administration will commit to picking up the tab for some future lawsuits involving homeland security products and services provided to government.

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