Unions Provide Checks and Balances against an Abuse of Power

June 26, 2017

There’s a reason there are three branches of government – to create a check and balance system in which no one branch of our government could become too powerful. Our founding fathers had several goals, but the most important of all was to avoid tyranny and defend democracy. This concept is central to the creation of labor unions. Unions provide checks and balances in the workplace against bad management and an abuse of power.

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For the Profit, Not the People

March 13, 2017

The VA is the best and only integrated healthcare system tailored entirely to veterans' needs. But to profit-hungry hospital CEOs and corporate insiders, there’s money to be made off veterans’ well-being...if only the VA could just go away.

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Give the VA Credit Where Credit Is Due

November 21, 2016

You probably know the VA best for treating the wounds of war and making sure our veterans receive the benefits they have earned. But the VA has also helped develop innovative tools and techniques that help millions of Americans every year.

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