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Are Shutdown Furloughs Around the Corner?

December 11, 2015

To avoid a government shutdown, the House and Senate last week passed a short-term bill to fund the government until Dec. 16 as lawmakers continue to work to come to an agreement on a long-term $1.1 trillion funding package.

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Why Boehner’s Resignation Is an Embarrassment for Everyone

October 01, 2015

House Speaker John Boehner is stepping down. You probably know that. You also may know John Boehner has never been a friend of federal employees. But what may surprise you is that he was ousted because he was just trying to do his job by keeping the government open for the American people.

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Shutdown Delayed: 10 More Weeks

September 30, 2015

Congress this week passed a short-term funding bill, known as a continuing resolution, to fund the government at 2015 levels until Dec. 11. The funding fight will resume right before Christmas again just like the past few years.

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