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Coast Guard Gives up Outsourcing Plan, Thanks to AFGE

October 24, 2014

The Coast Guard has abandoned its plan to hand over control of its user fee collection operation at the National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC) in Falling Waters, West Virginia, to a private business. This would not have happened without AFGE’s intervention at both local and national levels.

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How to Reverse the Tide of Costly Outsourcing

May 06, 2014

You hear a lot in the news about employers outsourcing their operations overseas to drive down labor costs, resulting in job losses at home and diminished quality and customer service. The same thing happens in the federal government, only the outsourcing replaces federal employees with for-profit contractors who actually charge taxpayers more for the same services. Why is this happening, you might ask? A big reason is arbitrary caps on the size of the civilian workforce at many agencies, most notably at the Department of Defense. 

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