SF&C INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC. was founded in 1981 to provide quality insurance benefits to UNION MEMBERS.

We are now pleased to offer these benefits to AFGE District 14 members. We are even happier to assist in AFGE District 14’s organizing activities. 

Working closely with each of you, we will help you select the insurance benefits that are most appropriate to you, your needs and your family. All our benefits are available to you with the convenience of payroll deductions.

Client service is our top priority. If you have a problem, call us at 800-876-7768 and speak to members of our Client Care Team—real people, NOT COMPUTERS, who will solve your problems.

SF&C INSURANCE ASSOCIATES, INC. is a one-stop shop for all of your insurance needs, such as:

  • Life Insurance—Guaranteed acceptance insurance for member & spouse  (No exam or blood tests; issued even if you have been turned down before) Includes Long Term Care Coverage
  • Disability Income – Guaranteed acceptance. Sick and Accident; Pays tax-free benefit on top of everything else even for on-the-job injuries 
  • Retirement Plans—Money Accumulation (Supplement Your Government Retirement). Annuities
  • Critical Care/Long Term Care Coverage
  • Family Plans – Children, Parents, Grandchildren, Siblings (Life Insurance for most ages and family members)
  • College Assurance Plan – A few $ a day to fund your child’s education if you die unexpectedly.
  • Cancer Insurance – Money back if you don’t get cancer
  • Mortgage insurance
  • Dental






Kaiser Permanente's dedicated website for AFGE members: Did you know that Kaiser Permanente and AFGE are working together to help you get and stay helahty? Visit Kaiser permanente's dedicated website for AFGe members. It's a great resource for health and fitness topics. View weekly health tips. read in-depth health articles. Listen to Total Health Radio podcasts. Download fitness apps. New! Now you'll be able to Talk to an Expert! Submit your questions on a featured health topics, and they'll be answered by a Kaiser permanente physician. Visit kp.org/afge Kaiser Permanente and AFGE logo.A

Congratulations on maintaining more than 18,000 members within District 14!  This organizing achievement is no small feat.  Rather, a result of everyone working hard to aggressively organize.  Keep up the good work!

As we approach open season for benefits at your agencies, AFGE District 14 has established a one of a kind partnership with Kaiser Permanente to offer our union brothers and sisters a new health and wellness program. This program ensures that members have the information that they need to make healthy choices and encourage them to improve their health and fitness.

Kaiser Permanente is also helping us to expand our resources for member recruitment by staffing your Lunch-n-Learns, Organizing Fairs and other events.  Members will gain more well-rounded knowledge about AFGE’s—legislative, representation, mobilization, and training—as well as learn how Kaiser can work with you and your family in providing health care—health promotion classes/workshops on stress management, nutrition, and healthy cooking, among others.  Kaiser is a great complement to any of your health and fitness events.  It’s a win-win situation!

To learn more about organizing with Kaiser Permanente 
what Kaiser can do for you, contact:

Federal Government Locals
Alexander Thompson, LMP
[email protected]

D.C. Government Locals
Janine Hill-Zieglar
[email protected] 

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