LEAD Training Program

About the LEAD Training Program

AFGE LEAD Training is a part of the new standardized, tiered curriculum for all AFGE training. The tiered courses start at the most basic level, progress to advanced level at the National LEAD trainings and culminate in a third tier of leadership training for mentors and instructors.

  • Standardized Classes help ensure every member who completes a training possesses the foundational knowledge needed to be successful in a leadership role. 
  • Tiered Levels of instruction range from introductory to advanced so that more experienced members continue to build skills. 

OUTCOME: AFGE Leaders and Activists are trained, engaged and prepared to lead in the 21st century. 

ACCESS: Train more members and create new opportunities for learning and engagement (online and in the classroom)

SKILLS: Develop future leaders and activists through high level skills training. 

TECHNOLOGY Develop leaders who are technologically proficient and able to employ digital tools and strategies that will organize, educate and engage members.

METRICS: Track progress and measure overall effectiveness of AFGE’s training programs. 

Skills and Competencies

  • Leadership and Mentoring
  • Systems Thinking and Organizational Development
  • Communications and Instructional Technologies
  • Team Building and Conflict Resolution
  • Organizing, Mobilizing and Member Engagement

Training Online and in Person 

The LEAD training combines online learning tools and technology with traditional classroom training so that AFGE can reach more members and equip them for union leadership in the 21st century. AFGE members will be able to complete introductory training online using AFGE Learn, our new learning management system (LMS).  AFGE Learn will be a personalized one-stop online shop for all online trainings, resources, manuals and training schedules.    

All LEAD participants will receive training on the LMS (Learning Management System), AFGE Learn, so that they can access online resources. Technology workshops in digital communications, social media, virtual training software, as well as variety of useful productivity tools for tablets and smartphones will also be offered.  

AFGE Events

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