2020 “Lift Every Voice” Initiatives

Upcoming WFP Projects

AFGE “Race” for Unity Workshop 

“How to have conversations about race”

The AFL-CIO has led the way on how union leaders and members can have healing and educational conversations about race. Through the work of their Racial Justice Commission, they developed a race relations toolkit geared toward building a better understanding around race as it affects workers and solidarity. Their toolkit is a collection of activities, suggested readings and videos to spur discussion about workers' lived experiences, how to identify and discuss the way racial bias operates in everyday life, and ways to disrupt these patterns to build a more inclusive, equitable society. WFP intends to build on this model and incorporate it into AFGE and tackle the issues that hit home for federal and DC government workers.

AFGE Social and Economic Justice Workshop

“How to be an Effective Ally”

WFP will develop a guide that is meant to provide members with the resources for becoming a more effective ally. This workshop expands outside of racial justice only and will analyze and inform members about the intersections that shape our communities. It will include general guidelines on how to be an effective ally and use stories and examples of other groups (women, LGBT, disabled, veterans, etc) to show the different view and perspective each may have.

AFGE Diversity and Inclusion Workgroup

The Diversity and Inclusion workgroup is designed to bring together representatives from each of the internal AFGE operational departments to provide collaboration and idea sharing around diversity and inclusion initiatives within AFGE. It will work to build an environment where the design of each Departments’ Services and related Resources/tools, are equitable and accessible to diverse groups of Federal and DC Government employees.

AFGE Disability Program

WFP will develop a program geared toward promoting equal opportunity and inclusion for members with disabilities. Throughout history, people with disabilities have been shamed, hidden away or subjected to abuse, ignorance and prejudice. Americans with disabilities still face many barriers and further significant change is needed to ensure they enjoy the same rights and freedoms as other people:

Disability advocacy has shifted thinking to recognize the rights of all people to live in the community, with choices equal to others. This program would teach members to challenge stereotypes, fight for political and institutional change, and promote self-determination for disabled citizens – in their communities and at work.

AFGE WFP Constituency Groups Relationship

The AFL-CIO Constituency groups address the challenges that workers from diverse backgrounds face. These groups reach out to the communities they serve, build solidarity, help with organizing efforts and ensure full participation in the Labor movement. WFP wants to expand the cooperation and partnership with these groups so that AFGE can continue to make sure that we respond to the needs of our culturally diverse membership.

AFGE Women’s Program

WFP is in the preliminary stages of developing a national program for the women of AFGE. The plan for the program is to uplift our women members and the issues that affect them disproportionally and make sure that our union is supporting them in the most comprehensive way possible.

AFGE Law Enforcement Workgroup

WFP is in the preliminary stages of developing a workgroup to focus on the internal and external tension as it relates to the relationship between law enforcement and our communities. This workgroup will consist of a balanced mix on NEC and HRC members, leaders from our law enforcement councils and locals, men, women, younger and more seasoned members, people of color, members of the LGBTQ constituency and relevant staff. As we move forward in an America that is more racially charged than ever before, we feel that it is imperative that our members and our families be in support of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and that our law enforcement members understand and be sympathetic to the experiences of our members and their families.

WFP/Communications Initiatives

WFP is looking forward to working with the Communications department to increase the accessibility, inclusion and awareness of AFGE members. We will be working to translate some of AFGE's Organizing and WFP material into Spanish and Tagalog to increase our ability to organize members who speak different languages. We will be working to enhance AFGE’s website to meet 508 Compliance, a law that requires federal government websites to be safe and accessible for people with disabilities. We will stay connected with Communications throughout the year to ensure we are using the best communication tools and platforms to educate AFGE’s membership on more diversity and inclusion observances, awareness months/dates, and encourage open activism around special efforts/campaigns/initiatives in the Labor/Civil Rights Movement arena.

AFGE ME3: Sexual Harassment Affects Us All

In light of the current climate surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace, WFP is currently working on a new program entitled ME3. This program is unique in that it will address sexual harassment against heterosexual women, heterosexual men, and those who identify as LGBTQIA in the workplace and in the labor movement. The goal is to change the culture not only in the workplace but in the labor movement so that our activists can thrive in an environment free of toxic and oppressive behavior.

AFGE Community Activism Workshop

WFP will work with the Legislative and Political Department and Local, and Council Leadership to create a Community Activism Workshop that will focus on building our AFGE Members into Community Activist who will work to mobilize around Racial, Social, and Economic based justice issues that many of our AFGE Members are faced with not only in their workplaces, but also within their communities. These workshops will prepare AFGE to promote our AFGE legislative and political efforts to elect candidates that are true representatives of Labor, Civil, and Human Rights at all levels of the political spectrum. We must Stay Ready as leaders and activist in the fight for our very existence.

AFGE Organizing Through Diversity Program

WFP will be work with Membership & Organizing Department and Local, and Council Leadership to implement an Organizing and Mobilization Program designed to increase our targeted efforts of recruitment and activism for under-represented groups and minorities identified within the Federal/D.C. Government Workforces that we represent.

AFGE Events

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