Local Coordinator Toolkit

Local Women’s Coordinators and Local Fair Practices Coordinators are the most significant component of the AFGE Human Rights Network. The Local Coordinators understand the pulse of their Local membership and can make sure those concerns are taken through the District and up to the National office.

Local Women’s Coordinators (LWC)

The Local Women’s Coordinator is primarily concerned with any issue that has an adverse impact on women or working families in the workforce. The LWC should strive to ensure that the agency maintain policies and practices which are free from artificial barriers to the progress of women. Among the areas of concern are childcare, gender-based wage discrimination, sexual harassment, alternative work schedules, upward mobility, career development, domestic violence, family friendly leave policies, health and safety matters, and leadership skills development. These issues are but a few addressed by the coordinators. Actions to resolve issues may require you to pursue solutions within the agency, through contract negotiations and/or seek legislative solutions. Finally, don't forget the importance of organizing new members and mobilizing the work force around these issues.

Local Fair Practices Coordinators (LFPC)

The Local Fair Practices Coordinator is principally concerned with equal employment opportunity and affirmative employment in the workplace. The primary focus is direct assistance and/or counseling to members with inquiries or complaints of discrimination. The LFPC should be familiar with EEO laws and regulations so they can take an active role in the complaint process by assisting stewards with strategies for winning complaints. Another major focus is to assure that agency officials properly identify underrepresentation of minorities, women and persons with disabilities. Once an underrepresentation has been identified, the LFPC will take actions to correct the situation. These corrections may be addressed by working with the agency's EEO Committee and/or through the negotiation of strong contract language.

The LFPC's activities should also include grassroots mobilization on EEO or civil rights legislation. Let's not forget the importance of organizing new members around these issues.

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