AFGE, TSA to Start New Contract Negotiations

July 16, 2015

It’s been three years since AFGE signed the historic first-ever labor-management contract with TSA. Since then, AFGE members at TSA have stood together to ensure the safety of their TSA colleagues while delivering upon the mission to protect the flying public.

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AFGE Welcomes New TSA Administrator

June 26, 2015

The Senate on Monday voted to confirm Coast Guard Vice Adm. Peter Neffenger as the new administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). AFGE, represents 45,000 TSA employees across the U.S.

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TSA: Stronger Union, Safer Skies

May 11, 2015

Since 2003, AFGE members at TSA have stood together to make a better workplace. Whether it's advocating for greater law enforcement presence at security checkpoints, fair pay raises for TSOs, free parking, and changes to shift bidding, AFGE TSA members have been working together to protect their colleagues and fulfill the mission of TSA to keep the flying public safe.

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Workers' Memorial Day

April 28, 2015

Most Americans often do not think about the danger government workers experience every day. But when workers in the Border Patrol, the Bureau of Prisons, the TSA, the Federal Protective Service (FPS), the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Defense and many others clock in for work, they do so knowing that they could get hurt or even killed.

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Air Safety is About Protecting People, Not Profits

April 02, 2015

AFGE Local 556 members at Orlando Airport have seen the fruits of their labor as the TSA Committee of the Greater Orlando Airport Authority (GOAA) maintained federal security screeners at checkpoints rather than hiring private, for-profit contractors.

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What TSA Needs Is a New Law Enforcement Unit

March 27, 2015

A man armed with homemade explosives, a machete, and a bottle of poison walked into the New Orleans airport and attacked Transportation Security Officers. How many more TSOs have to get hurt or killed before TSA does something?

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For These Married TSOs, Shutdown Comes with Double the Anxiety

February 25, 2015

Being a TSA officer is not easy. It’s a highly stressful job because a single mistake could mean life or death for hundreds of people on board an airplane. And because of their crucial mission, you’d think that TSA officers would get all the support they need to do their job, right? Well, not exactly. Congress is actually threatening to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of TSA. And that means TSA officers will still have to work because their job is considered essential. They just won’t get paid.

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