Best Practices for Local Leaders: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Things we recommend following when there is a confirmed case:

  1. Notify OSHA at the Federal Level (Federal OSHA and the State OSHA are separate agencies). Call 1-800-321-6742.
  2. Advise the State OSHA that a case is confirmed at your Federal Agency and the exposure could affect state businesses due to community spread of the (COVID-19) Federal OSHA has jurisdiction at your agency, state OSHA has jurisdiction over local businesses that are affected: Example fitness centers, Train station etc....
  3. Call CDC and advise them of the confirmed case at your location. Get their name, Title and what action they will be taking.
  4. Call your state Health Department and advise them that you have a case in your agency.
  5. Notify your Council and NVP/NR
  6. For a member to be able to use Workers Compensation benefits, they must be diagnosed by a doctor (MD)
  7. Many hospitals are advising infected employees to stay home, the infected employee should advise the hospital that they must get a written document with the Diagnosis due to the Federal Employees Compensation act (FECA).
  8. Some medical facilities will not test an employee unless they are admitting them, if this is the case, then the employee needs to go to a drive thru facility to be tested.

We also highly recommend setting a Conference call with all the affected employees. The call would advise the employees on how to proceed with their Workers Compensation Cases and safety. Loop in you NR.


If you have any questions, please contact your district office.

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