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Letter to the Editor Template

Dear Editor:

As an AFGE member who is proud to be a federal employee working on behalf of the American people to provide essential services, I am concerned by the lack of support federal workers are receiving from the administration in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The way this administration has handled the pandemic is appalling. From chronic shortage of available personnel protective equipment early on, to the current lack of available telework opportunities for non-essential employees, this administration has made it clear that employee safety is not the number one priority. While I and hundreds of thousands of fellow AFGE members are more than willing to personally sacrifice during this crisis to provide essential services to the American people, I should not have to risk my health and my family's health in order to do so.

The federal government should be setting the standard for all American businesses and serve as a "model employer." However, the lack of communication and haphazard response to this pandemic from my agency tells me we are far from modeling good crisis management. There has been no clear, national guidance to employees, and policies seem to vary depending on which manager you ask.

The fact that management refuses to communicate with the union, the only entity that serves as a voice for employees, is extremely troubling. It sends a clear message that the opinions and concerns of front-line federal employees like me, who are risking our health to serve our country, don't matter.

While the administration claims to have things under control, we are seeing a very different story on the ground. Since the very beginning, I've seen nothing but unorganized chaos – with employees totally shut out of the process.

I am very proud of the services I provide to the American people, and despite these frustrations I will continue to remain dedicated to my profession. However, if this administration wants to get things under control, they must protect and listen to the employees who continue to put our health on the line every day for our country.




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