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This benefit is only available to members of AFGE. If you are a member of AFGE, please login to the Members Only section. If you are not a member, but would like to find out how to become one, please visit the Join AFGE section.

The purpose of this guide is to provide national and local AFGE leaders and stewards with at-a-glance information on each of the benefit programs.

Information has been limited to listing the highlights of each benefit program, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions. In addition, restrictions, limitations and features unique to each program are provided to avoid misunderstandings from the start and insure that no program is misrepresented. This is to avoid "damage control" that can negate gains in our efforts to increase visibility and attract new members.

Used correctly, The AFGE Benefits Program can be instrumental in organizing new members and in the retention of existing members. These benefits are the immediate reward for being an AFGE member. In some cases, using these programs can equal or exceed the cost of membership. The Legal Program alone has a value of $150 to $200 a year.

This manual is published by the Membership and Organization Department which
recognizes that benefit programs help to meet the needs of our members. We are interested in hearing from the field about which programs you find to be the most popular or effective in achieving our goals. We would like to hear from you in this regard so that successful organizing drives can be shared from district to district.

The final section is an outline of talking points which may be used in a "Lunch & Learn" or a new employee orientation. We recognize that a wide variety of benefits are needed to appeal to the largest number of employees.

We also recognize that, as the labor movement evolves, unions must endorse the kind of benefits that help to meet the needs of the membership beyond the worksite. AFGE has these organizing and retention tools. It is you, AFGE's leadership, that will make these tools work. We are here to assist you in building AFGE into an even more powerful union. With you, we will achieve our goals.

Toll-free Benefits Line:
(888) 844-2343

Programs are subject to change.

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AFGE Mourns Loss of Two Iconic Labor Leaders

October 11, 2018

The American Federation of Government Employees mourns the loss of two of our union’s beloved former national officers: Augusta Y. Thomas, national vice president for women and fair practices emeritus, and Ken Blaylock, national president emeritus.

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Lawmakers Reject Efforts to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

October 09, 2018

The bipartisan bill funds the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for five years and rejects proposals to privatize the agency’s Air Traffic Control function. The legislation also reauthorizes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for three years and creates, for the first time, an AFGE and TSA management committee to examine the TSA personnel system— including appeal rights to the Merit Systems Protection Board and grievance procedures.

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You Asked, We Answered: Health and Safety FAQs

October 09, 2018

As a government employee and union member, there is a lot to learn. Our union has received numerous questions from members and activists on various topics – but two questions kept coming up. Lucky for our members, our Health and Safety Specialist Milly Rodriguez is on hand to answer them.

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