July 07, 2004
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AFGE Applauds Choice of John Edwards as Vice Presidential Candidate

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today John Gage, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), applauded John Kerry's choice of North Carolina Sen. John R. Edwards as his running mate. "Like the man who chose him," Gage said, "Senator Edwards is a stalwart friend of federal workers, and a champion of the American labor movement."

Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, made the announcement of the Edwards selection today in Pittsburgh, where Gage had announced AFGE's endorsement of Kerry's presidential bid just days before.

"During his six years in the U.S. Senate, Senator Edwards has compiled a 98-percent voting record on issues of importance to members of the American Federation of Government Employees," Gage explained. "You can't ask for any better than that.

"The son of textile worker, John Edwards' commitment to working families is genuine and heartfelt," Gage continued. "He is also strong on national defense and known for working across party lines on issues of national importance. Given the rich diversity of AFGE, these qualities resonate with our membership. Some 40 percent of AFGE members are veterans of the armed forces. Included in our membership are doctors and janitors, pipe-fitters and law enforcement officers, nurses and airport screeners, just to name a few. Our members hail from areas both rural and urban, and encompass the range of cultures and races that make America the great nation it is."

AFGE's political breakdown is unique in that 35 percent of its members describe themselves as independents, and 18 percent are Republicans.

"We look forward to cheering Senators Kerry and Edwards as they fight for the true American values: fair pay for a good day's work, the right to quality health care for all, the right to collect the Social Security benefits for which we've paid all of our working lives, and the right to quality services provided by employees of the United States Government," Gage concluded.

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