May 01, 2017

Tim Kauffman

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Largest Federal Employee Union Reacts to Budget Deal that Keeps Government Open

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Bipartisan bill funds federal agencies through September, rejects domestic spending cuts

WASHINGTON – In response to the announcement that Congress has agreed on a bill funding the federal government through the end of September, American Federation of Government Employees National President J. David Cox Sr. released the following statement:

“I applaud Congress for coming together on a bipartisan bill that will keep the people’s government open for business through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. I urge lawmakers to quickly pass this budget and avoid a government shutdown at the end of the week.

“In reaching this agreement, lawmakers wisely rejected billions of dollars in harmful cuts to medical research, education programs, housing grants, and other domestic programs that were proposed by the Trump administration. Those who need our help the most would have been hit the hardest by these cuts, and Congress was right to reject them.

“This budget provides needed funding to strengthen our military, improve border security, and boost cancer research. It also permanently extends health care benefits to 22,000 retired coal miners who were in danger of losing their coverage.

“I also thank Congress for retaining the longstanding ban on contracting out federal jobs using the flawed A-76 outsourcing process. Taxpayers benefit when federal jobs are performed by civil service employees, who are less costly and more accountable than private-sector workers.”

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