Big Enought to Win Checklist #1 - 12/6/16

The Big Enough to Win Action Checklist

When the 115th Congress meets in January 2017, they’re planning to cut your pay, your pension, and your right to have a voice in the workplace. The only way we can fight back against these attacks is by standing together.

6 actions you need to take this week:

Recruit one new AFGE member using this flyer

RSVP to join the AFGE Teletown Hall on Jan. 12, 2017

 Contact your Member of Congress

  • Call 1-570-221-6659 three times – twice for your senators, once for your representative.
  • Send them an email by clicking here.

Attend the most important Legislative Conference in AFGE history

Use these resources to make your Local Big Enough to Win

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