Shutdown News

Shutdown News:


WTXL Tallahassee, Fla.- 1/22/18
Ray Coleman of BOP
Government shutdown impacted Tallahassee residents, employees 

WJZ Baltimore, Md. - 1/22/18
Witold Skwierczynski of SSA, Jacque Simon of AFGE
Government Shutdown Impact Felt Among Nearly 150,000 Federal Workers In Maryland

NBC-12 Richmond, VA - 1/22/18
Monique Samuels of DoD, Michael Castelle of BOP
Thousands of workers in Richmond furloughed during shutdown 

NBC Philadelphia - 1/22/18
Gary Morton of EPA, Adam Duncan of ARMY
Federal Workers in Philly Speak on Government Shutdown

MSNBC Live Coverage of Shutdown - 1/21/18
NP Cox, David Fitzpatrick of NPS
Lack of communication with employees on shutdown 

MSNBC Continuing Coverage of Shutdown - 1/21/18
Gary Morton of EPA
Impact of shutdown on EPA 

WMAR Baltimore, MD - 1/21/18
Witold Skwierczynski of SSA
Government shutdown: Social Security Administration workers work day and paycheck uncertain 

KARE Minneapolis, Minn. - 1/21/18
NVP Gregg James
Shutdown could impact 18,000 Minnesotans 

KPHO Phoenix Ariz. - 1/21/18
Juan Casarez of TSA
Shutdown affects AZ parks, paychecks, and security 

CNN - 1/20/18
NP Cox
Government Shuts Down 

WHNT Huntsville, Ala. - 1/19/18
Abner Merriweather of DoD
Local union concerned about government shutdown 

WAFF, Huntsville, Ala. - 1/19/18
Abner Merriweather of DoD
Union reps discuss looming government shutdown, impact on Redstone 

WWNY, Watertown, NY - 1/19/18
Jeff Zuhlke of DoD
Fort Drum Workers Worry As Government Shutdown Looms 

WISH TV, Indianapolis, Ind.  - 1/19/18
NVP Arnold Scott
How Indiana National Guard would be impacted by government shutdown 

CBS Evening News - 1/19/18
Talana Morton-Smith of NEH
What the government shutdown will mean for federal workers  

WCVB Boston  - 1/19/18
Carolyn Federoff of HUD
Gov't shutdown: What it means for Massachusetts  


NPR All This Considered - 1/21/18
Pam Gilbertz of CDC
For Federal Employees On Furlough During Shutdown, An Uncertain Future 

Rick Smith Show - 1/20/18
NP Cox
David Cox Talks #GovtLockOut  

PRINT - 1/25/18
NP Cox
Federal Employee Advocates Increasingly Frustrated by Cycle of Stopgap Spending Bills 

Associated Press - 1/23/18
NP Cox
What shutdown? Frustrated voters shrug as pols point fingers 

Washington Post - 1/23/18
NP Cox
Federal employees furloughed in shutdown to be paid

News One - 1/23/18
NP Cox, Felicia Sharp of DoD
Keep Your Head Up: Black Government Workers Press On After 3-Day Shutdown

People’s World  - 1/23/18
NP Cox
Schumer, Dems take heat on Dream Act as Trump shutdown ends

Dayton Daily News - 1/23/18
Troy Tingey of DoD
Furloughed Wright Patt workers will be paid

Rome Sentinel - 1/23/18
Edward Abouander of DoD
Brief shutdown has varying impact at installations

Associated Press - 1/23/18
NP Cox, Felicia Sharp of DoD
As shutdown eases federal workers fear prospect of another

Watertown Daily Times - 1/23/18
Jeffrey Zuhlke of DoD
Hundreds of Fort Drum workers furloughed Monday to return to work as Congress makes deal to end federal shutdown

People’s World - 1/22/18

NP Cox
After Trump’s 3-day horror show, Senate makes deal to end government shutdown - 1/22/18
NP Cox
Trump signs 3-week continuing resolution, reopening government

Cronkite News PBS - 1/22/18
Ryan Mims of AFGE National
Furloughed federal workers feel like 'pawns' in shutdown fight

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 1/22/18
Richard Norris and Dwight Rice of DoD
Thousands of federal employees furloughed in Georgia during shutdown

Tallahassee Democrat - 1/22/18
Ray Coleman of BOP, NP Cox
Shutdown raises staffing, safety concerns at FCI Tallahassee 

Arizona Daily Sun - 1/22/18
Ryan Mims and Harley Hembd of AFGE, Brandon Judd of Border Patrol, Mario Martinez of DoD
Furloughed federal workers feel like ‘pawns’ in shutdown fight

Anchorage Daily News - 1/22/18
Dave Owens of AFGE
Government shutdown means a day off for thousands of federal workers in Alaska

The Hill - 1/22/18
Amad Ali of SSA, Steve Calder of EPA
Shutdown leaves federal employees in the lurch

Los Angeles Times - 1/22/18
Pam Gilbertz of CDC, Amad Ali of SSA
U.S. government shutdown leaves many confused about jobs, services at start of workweek  

Associated Press - 1/22/18
NP Cox, Witold Skwierczynski of SSA
Government shutdown stretches into workweek, sows confusion 

KLCC 89.7 - 1/22/18
Ian Hoffman of AFGE National
Q&A: How A Federal Government Shutdown Affects The Northwest 

The Nation - 1/21/18
NP Cox
Blame game as Congress struggles to end US govt shutdown 

Star-Tribune - 1/21/18
NVP Gregg James
Thousands of Minnesotans could face furloughs or work without pay as shutdown continues 

Los Angeles Times - 1/22/18
Abner Merriweather of DoD
U.S. government deal to end shutdown eases some confusion about work and recreation

Associated Press - 1/21/18
NP Cox
Government shutdown: Nearly 1 million federal employees on furlough 

Agence France Presse - 1/21/18
NP Cox
Trump inauguration anniversary marred by shutdown, protests 

Watertown Daily Times - 1/20/18
Jeff Zuhlke of DoD
Federal government shutdown would delay Fort Drum soldier pay, furlough civilian workers 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution - 1/20/18
NVP Kelly, Ceretta Smith of DoD
MLK sites closed, Kennesaw Mountain park barred to motorists: Updates on government shutdown in Georgia  

Next Gov - 1/20/18
NP Cox
Government Shuts Down After Senate Rejects One-Month Stopgap Spending Bill 

Baltimore Sun - 1/20/18
Mary Camper of SSA
Fort McHenry: Closed. Courthouse: Open. How the federal government shutdown affects Maryland

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