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Letter to the Editor Template

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Dear Editor:

I write today with an urgent message for our community as a member of AFGE Local XXXX which represents employees of the {Insert name of your VA facility and also include who it represents such as nurses or other medical professionals) and I am a veteran. (if you are a veteran}

On February 7th, the Department of Veterans Affairs has said it will evict employee unions from space we have held for decades at VA facilities across the nation, including our VA here in {your town}. They have made clear that they will remove all furniture like desks, chairs, and filing cabinets, so even if we tried to rent the space, we would only have access to a useless, empty room. All this, despite the fact that many other organizations – organizations that are not made up of VA employees like {name a few at your facility} – are allowed to have space inside the VA. 

Let’s be clear: This is union busting by the political appointees who are running the VA, plain and simple. This discriminatory treatment of its own employees shows the VA under this administration will stop at nothing to strip away the rights of front-line caregivers. 

All this is in spite of the fact that our union helps resolve workplace disputes inside the VA, holds rogue managers accountable, brings life-or-death issues that affect veterans’ care to the public’s attention, and performs other vital tasks that make the VA the best place for veterans to receive comprehensive care. 

Make no mistake: Our union will still be here, fighting for VA employees and the veterans we care for every day. But the VA’s actions in trying to silence the voice of its employees will make that work immeasurably harder. And all of us will pay the price for their error.


[Your Name]

[Member or Office of]


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