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Letters to the editor are a quick and easy way to reach your local communities. AFGE has templates for you to use for a letter to the editor on EPA’s recent actions related to bargaining. Below you can find a template LTE and information about how to place that submission in an outlet of your choice.

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Effects of EPA’s anti-union decision will be felt by all Americans 

As a member of AFGE Local XXXX representing employees at the XXXXXX EPA FACILITY XXXXXX in XXX State, City XXXX, I want to make sure my fellow citizens understand what is happening at EPA and how it will affect everyone. 

EPA has decided to tear up the existing agreement between its employees and their union, the American Federation of Government Employees. In the place of that negotiated contract, the EPA has imposed a management directive that guts the rights and benefits that EPA employees have negotiated over decades of collective bargaining to ensure dignity, fairness and respect on the job. 

This outrageous move by the EPA is part of the administration’s broader attack on federal government workers – they’ve been busy throwing out contracts, enforcing illegal executive orders, and trying to make it as difficult as possible for workers to exercise their union rights. 

At EPA, these actions will directly impact the agency’s ability to recruit and retain top talent to work on behalf of the American people carrying out the agency’s mission – to protect the environment and human health. 

It’s time for the administration to start putting the American people’s need for a clean and healthy environment above their ideological, anti-union crusade. EPA workers, like all Americans, just want to be treated with dignity, fairness and respect in the workplace. EPA’s management edict fails those tests, and the American people are the ones who will face the consequences.

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