EPA Rally Template Release

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When you have filled in the relevant sections, send your release to the AFGE Communications team for review and distribution by emailing it to Tim Kauffman ([email protected]) and Andrew Huddleston ([email protected]). 

All releases should come to the AFGE Communications team for GCO review prior to distribution. Locals should not send out releases prior to review or distribute releases from government equipment. 

Note: Do not hold your rally on EPA property and obtain any required permits.

[City/Region] EPA Workers’ Union to Rally for Fairness, Dignity, and Respect on the Job 

Administration’s move to gut labor contract endangers planet by stripping workers of their rights and silencing their voices, union says 

What: The American Federation of Government Employees is organizing a protest against the administration’s efforts to undermine workers at the Environmental Protection Agency who help protect our environment and human health. On July 8, EPA announced it was replacing our current contract with an illegal management directive that will prevent AFGE from representing employees at the worksite, filing grievances against wrongful terminations and other adverse actions, and bargaining over a range of issues that benefit workers and the public. The illegal directive limits employees’ ability to telework and deletes many provisions previously negotiated between the union and prior administrations. All AFGE representatives have been evicted from the worksite and have been ordered to vacate their union space on federal property by close of business Aug. 7.

On [Date], the AFGE local representing EPA employees in [Name of city or region] will hold a rally to protest the administration’s illegal actions and raise public awareness of how the administration’s directives will undermine efforts to protect our planet.

Who: Leaders and members of AFGE Local [XXXX] and employees represented by the union 

When: [Time and date]

Where: [Specific location]

Contact: [On The Ground Contacts And Phone Numbers]

Future requests: Please contact the AFGE Communications Department at 202-639-6419 

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