Guide to Setting Up a Visit With Your Lawmaker

Communicating with your lawmakers is the best way to make your voice heard and help people in power understand the lives of federal employees. AFGE has put together this step-by-step guide to help you arrange a visit from lawmakers to your facility during Federal and D.C. Government Worker Appreciation Week, March 18-22.

1. Who will you meet? Identify your lawmakers

Everyone in the U.S. is represented by one representative and two senators. You can find your lawmakers on the House and Senate web sites. You are also represented by state and local officials, whose contact information is normally available on the website for state or local government in your area.

2. Invite your lawmaker to visit your facility

Some lawmakers might be available to meet you at your agency to see how you and your fellow employees serve the American public. Contact information for each lawmaker is available on their website.

You can also reach out to AFGE's Political department for help at (202) 639-6457.

Use the following letters to invite your lawmaker to visit your facility:

Please Note: You MAY NOT authorize a lawmaker to visit your federal facility. Their office must initiate a request to the Agency, who has discretion over access. You MAY ask a lawmaker to request a visit from the Agency, and you MAY coordinate with their office about speaking with workers once the Agency has given them access to the facility.

3. What is the heart of the issue?

Do your research, practice and prepare for your meeting before you meet, make sure you've done your homework. AFGE provides a number of resources that will help you prepare for your meeting. AFGE has created a number of issue papers you can use to prepare to speak about issues affecting federal employees.

4. The meeting

Put your research and preparation into practice. As the meeting concludes, leave your lawmaker with some information about the importance of your unique issues.

Issue papers—usually a single page that outlines your issue in simple bullet points—are great ways to ensure your message has staying power with your representative and their staff. Make sure to have a couple copies on hand to leave behind with your lawmaker and their staff. AFGE has created a number of issue papers you can pull from here.

Need more help? Contact the Communications office at (202) 639-6419 and we will work with you to create one.

Helpful resources:

Step 5: Keep the momentum going

Write a note thanking the lawmaker or their staff member for meeting with you. As you reflect on the visit, let AFGE know how it went.

Here are a few more ways to give your voice and your activism more reach:

Questions? Just ask.

Don't hesitate to contact AFGE's Political office at (202) 639-6457 or your LPO with any questions.

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