Join AFGE as we Defend Democracy by making sure there’s No Vote Left Behind!

With the attacks on voting rights at an all-time high, AFGE has taken on voter protection as one of its highest priorities through the Women’s and Fair Practices Departments program, “No Vote Left Behind”. The objective of this voter protection campaign is to ensure that all AFGE members and their families are registered to vote and are free to cast their ballots without fear of retaliation or intimidation.  There is no reason that a registered voter should ever be turned away from the polls. Each state has rules and regulations for voting that should suffice in keeping the polls organized and under control. Only those set rules should determine what occurs at the polls.

This election season, new and young voters, women and people of color will play a major role in deciding who our next elected officials will be—only if they are treated the same as other voters. Every vote should be valued and counted equally!

If you are a registered voter, you have the right and duty to cast a ballot in every election! AFGE wants to make sure that there is "No Vote Left Behind!

Tools You Can Use to Help:

Hot topics AFGE will continue to focus on:

  • Collecting information on occurrences of voter fraud.
  • Concentrating on multiple demographics; keeping them informed of rules and responsibilities as voters.
  • Establishing resources and contacts that can be acquired by voters if problems arise at polls.
  • Helping to ensure that every registered voter is permitted to cast a ballot and that ballot is counted!
  • Working closely with the LCC Election Coordinators union lawyers who coordinate legal election-related support

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