Family First Campaign

We are proud to introduce AFGE's new series Family First, a campaign devoted to passing paid parental leave for all working families. Read on to see how paid parental leave would benefit federal employee families.

Paid Parental Leave Facts 

  • Only 11% of American workers have access to paid parental leave, forcing most working men and women to choose between a child and a paycheck.
  • The United States is the only industrialized country with no federal law ensuring paid parental leave for new parents, leaving us lagging behind many of our trading partners.
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act provides just 12 weeks of unpaid time off for a new parent to spend with their child. Worse yet, some federal workers don’t qualify for leave based on its requirements.
  • Three states in the US have decided to give working parents paid leave for a newborn or newly adopted child: California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. In New Jersey, women who used it were 40% less likely to need food stamps or financial assistance from the government. 

Parental Stories

Dawn Martinez - Four Children. No Paid Parental Leave.

Providing for four kids and no paid parental leave is hard. Read Dawn Martinez's story.

Christina Almond - I Have Two Daughters & No Paid Parental Leave.

No parent should have to decide between their child and their paycheck. Read Christina Almond's story. Read More.

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Tell your Lawmaker to support paid parental leave Tell your Lawmaker to support paid parental leave

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