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About this Benefit:

Unexpected accidents and illnesses can wreak havoc on your family budget. PetPlan® pet insurance helps cover the costs. 

Every six seconds, a pet parent is faced with a vet bill for more than $1,000. And one in three pets will need unexpected veterinary care each year. You want to make the best decision for your pet, regardless of cost. Petplan® pet insurance provides peace of mind that should your pet get sick or injured, your costs can be covered. 

AFGE members receive a 10% discount plus an additional 5% if the policy is purchased online. 

How PetPlan Works: 

If your pet has an accident or becomes ill, PetPlan® helps cover the costs. In the unfortunate event that your pet needs unexpected veterinary care, simply visit your vet as normal.

You have the freedom and flexibility to visit any licensed vet in the United States or Canada. 

What PetPlan Covers: 

  • All accidents and illnesses
  • All chronic and hereditary conditions
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Non-routine dental treatment
  • MRI, CA scan and ultrasound imaging
  • Specialist Treatment and more 

Lifetime coverage is contingent on the policy being renewed each year without and break in coverage. Coverage is subject to annual policy limits of $10,000, $14,000 or $22,000. Limits are replenished in full on renewal. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage. Please read the policy for all limitations, restrictions and policy stipulations.

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(888) 844-2343

Programs are subject to change.

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