The American Federation of Government Employees is not just a union, but a movement. Our employees come from all walks of life, but a common thread connects us all— the belief that our government serves us best when its workers are treated with dignity, and respect. 

For over 80 years, AFGE has fought for better wages and a better quality of life for millions of working families. Across the nation we are growing in both size and strength, using innovative technologies and forward-looking planning to deliver the best results possible for our members and the public they serve. 

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“Everyone here is committed to the work that they do, they’re talented in their respective fields, and they’re open to working with others towards a common goal.”

Alex Palombo, 26, Digital Mobilization


“AFGE is great because the office is located in a convenient, metro accessible building; my co-workers are very down to earth people; and I get to do something different every day.” 

Daniel Riehl, 28, Web Designer

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