June 19, 2001
Magda Lynn Seymour
Diane S. Witiak
(202) 639-6419

Federal Sector Health Care Workers Vote AFGE Union Yes, Again & Again

"AFGE decided a number of years ago that if we were going to successfully challenge the unwarranted dismantling of DVA's health care system and fight to increase staffing levels at the DVA, we would have to organize more DVA workers," said AFGE National President Bobby L. Harnage. "These victories are a direct outcome of that strategic decision, as well as a testament to the value that the DVA work force places on first-rate union representation."

In yet another bid to build its representational power within DVA, the union will ask some 3,800 DVA professionals to choose AFGE as their exclusive bargaining agent this week. DVA workers in seven sites around the country will vote on June 19th, 20th and 21st on whether or not to be included in the AFGE nationwide consolidated unit of DVA professionals. Employees at some 29 other sites have received mail ballots that must be returned to the Federal Labor Relations Authority by June 25. Results from the on-site balloting and mail ballots are expected June 26th. A victory among these workers will bring the percentage of DVA workers represented by AFGE close to 60 percent.

The American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, is the largest union for government employees, representing 600,000 federal workers in the United States and overseas, as well as employees of the District of Columbia. AFGE currently represents approximately 135,000 of the 180,000 DVA nationwide work force. For more information about AFGE, visit

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