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As an employee of the SSA you ensure those who depend on you most receive the services they need. You don’t want to worry about changing regulations that will make it harder for you to do your job. AFGE is a team of social security administrators who understand your needs, and make it a priority to protect your job, win better pay and benefits, and highlight the work you do for the American people.

"In other words—we take care of you,
so you can take care of the public."

That’s why we are fighting to make sure that Congress doesn’t pass a budget that will result in furloughs, closed offices, shortened hours, fewer staff, and longer wait times. We need legislation that not only ensures SSA offices can’t be shuttered on a whim, but also strengthens Social Security for future generations and keeps the face-to-face service the public deserves. Without you, countless Americans will be left without an advocate and champion for the benefits they've earned. That’s why we need you to join us.  

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