Why You Should Join AFGE 

When you become an AFGE member, you join more than 310,00other government employees who are united to build a government that works for all Americans and not just the rich and powerful. By standing together, AFGE members have a stronger voice when defending your payretirement and job security.

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Don't Have AFGE at Your Location? 

If you would like to join, but do not currently have an AFGE-affiliated union at your location, send an email to our Organizing Department. You deserve a voice in your workplace and AFGE may be able to help you and your colleagues at your federal or D.C. government facility. Click here for more information.

Exclusive Benefits

AFGE members are eligible for a range of benefits, including:

  • Prescription Drug Discount Cards
  • Discounted Dental and Vision health services
  • Special mortgage programs
  • Discounts on travel, entertainment and electronics
  • Life insurance and retirement planning services
  • Identify Theft Protection
  • And much more!

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A Voice on Capitol Hill

Our members and staff are working to make sure the voice of government employees are heard. In an era of big money and increased corporate influence on lawmaking, AFGE provides the crucial connection between members of Congress and those we represent. 

Every year members from around the country gather in Washington, D.C. at our Legislative & Grassroots Mobilization Conference to speak face-to-face members of Congress. Every day our staff and members in Congressional Districts across the country engage lawmakers on behalf of government employees so that our member's concerns are heard.

Power through Unity

The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) is the largest and most influential federal and D.C. employees union in the United States. We’re growing stronger every day. In the last four years, we’ve added a net increase of some 20,000 new members. Combined with 18,000 retired members, our total membership is more than 300,000 strong. No other union represents close to that number of government employees.

AFGE is in the middle of every battle involving the well-being of federal and D.C. employees and their families. We lobby the White House, work in agencies, litigate in court and lobby in the halls of Congress. AFGE is all about producing results that positively affect our members' lives.

Find Your Place in the AFGE Family

Your Local and District

Become part of a community at your worksite and in your state. AFGE prides itself on being an organization that is built by members for members. By connecting with your union colleagues, you'll know that you have a team working on your behalf at your agency.


Are you a young government employee looking for ways to build your career in public service? Are you a seasoned veteran of government and want to help guide young employees? Become part of Young Organizing Unionists for the Next Generation (YOUNG) program! AFGE YOUNG provides young members with networking opportunities and resources to engage union training to promote leadership skills and many engaging local and national events. YOUNG members work to build lasting labor solidarity, advance issues of social and economic justice and find more inclusive ways to engage the current and future generations in the Labor Movement. Learn more.


AFGE is committed to promoting the civil, human, women’s and workers’ rights of all federal and D.C government employees. AFGE Pride a national program that is designed to support the (LGBT) lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender membership as well as their allies and to educate all of AFGE on the workplace and safety issues facing this community within AFGE and the Labor Movement. Learn more.

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A Brief Introduction to AFGE E-Dues

What Is AFGE E-Dues?

AFGE E-Dues is an alternative dues collection system built and operated by your union – AFGE. AFGE E-Dues gives you control of your own resources instead of leaving them to the whims of anti-union lawmakers and agency heads. With the threat of losing automatic dues deduction the highest it’s ever been, the time to join E-Dues is now.

Enroll In AFGE E-Dues Today!

How Does AFGE E-Dues Work?

The goal in developing E-Dues was to make it as similar to automatic payroll deduction as possible. After all, Local leaders have enough to worry about without having to learn a whole new payment platform.

Want to Learn More About AFGE E-Dues?

Send a note to [email protected] with your name, personal email, personal mobile number, and Local number and an AFGE representative will follow up with you as soon as possible.

AFGE Events

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