AFGE Plan for an Open, Transparent, Fair U.S. Presidential Endorsement Process

WHEREAS, AFGE is committed to executing an open, transparent and fair process in considering the endorsement of a candidate for President of the United States (President); and 

WHEREAS, the next President must join AFGE in its commitment to providing a fair and safe workplace and protecting the collective bargaining and representational rights of all bargaining unit employees; and 

WHEREAS, the support of AFGE and its members is highly sought-after and is considered crucial to a candidate’s success; and 

WHEREAS, AFGE’s endorsement is of greatest value when the power of our membership is fully committed electing to the endorsed candidate; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following process will be conducted for the consideration of the endorsement for any candidate for President:

  1. A candidate questionnaire will be developed with the input of AFGE membership; Districts and Councils;
  2. Seven months prior to the first primary or caucus, AFGE will hold a national tele-townhall with membership to outline the endorsement process;
  3. All announced candidates will be provided a questionnaire;
  4. Candidates who submit a completed questionnaire will be interviewed and the completed questionnaires will be posted on the AFGE website;
  5. A scientific poll of the membership will be conducted;
  6. A secure on-line survey of the full membership will be conducted, first on whether members support making an early endorsement (during any time encompassing the primaries and in advance of any party nomination taking place); and second on which candidate each member believes will be the strongest supporter of the federal and DC Government workforce. All announced candidates will be presented in the survey; it will be noted if a candidate has refused to return AFGE’s questionnaire;
  7. The National Executive Council (NEC) will meet to vote on an endorsement at least 30 days prior to the first primary or caucus;
  8. If the NEC elects not to make an early endorsement, an additional scientific poll and a survey of the full membership will be conducted at a time determined by the NEC;
  9. The NEC will meet for a final vote on an endorsement following this process. The timing of this vote will be determined by the NEC. 

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that after consideration of questionnaires, interviews and membership input, the NEC is the sole endorsing body for AFGE’s presidential endorsement. 

Adopted by NEC Ballot

April 18, 2019

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