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Despite court decision, unions still feel impacts of Trump’s workforce executive orders

But more than a year after the President signed the three workforce executive orders, federal employee unions, attorneys and some members of Congress have said they are still seeing the EOs’ impacts.

Trump’s VA Firing Spree Falters in Court

The passage of this law was a signature achievement for the president and many members of Congress. If they were wrong and this was indeed unconstitutional, now they’re going to have to go figure out what to do with thousands of folks fired under this authority.

OPM director nominee passes committee vote

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee voted May 15 to pass Cabaniss favorably from committee consideration to the Senate floor. The nomination passed by voice vote, though five members of the committee requested that they be recorded as “no” votes.

Feds Rarely Win Before MSPB. Board Says That’s Not a Problem.

More than one in five cases brought before MSPB are settled before receiving a ruling from an administrative judge. The agency said this has driven down the employee win rate, as agencies often decide to settle cases they believe they are likely to lose. Employees would also win favorable decisions more often, MSPB said, if their agencies took more capricious actions.

Of Course, Teacher Pay Is Low: 38 States Have Made It Illegal for Them To Strike

One of the most effective weapons that workers have is to walk off the job collectively. That power has led to some of the most notable gains for workers over the past 100 plus years. Yet there are only 12 states in the U.S. that do not prohibit teacher strikes. The other 38 states expressly ban them. Is it any wonder that teachers are paid so poorly in 2019?


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