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House lawmakers ‘extremely concerned’ about impacts of EEOC’s proposed official time policy

Two House committee leaders said they’re skeptical of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s plans to reverse a 40-year-old federal rule allowing union representatives official time to prepare discrimination complaints on behalf of their coworkers.

Career Employees Allege EPA Leaders Silenced Them on Key Deregulation Effort

The Environmental Protection Agency suppressed the work of its career employees and dismissed legitimate science in taking a key deregulatory action, dozens of former and current employees have alleged.

Acting AFGE President Revels in Wage, Recruiting Gains with Trump’s ‘Help’

After three years of legal battles with the Trump administration over the union's right to exist and weathering the longest government shutdown in history, it closed out the year with big gains from Congress, according to Everett Kelley, AFGE’s national secretary-treasurer.

USDA Move to Outsource Inspections Is Recipe for Disaster

Make no mistake, this rule change isn’t about meeting higher food safety standards. It’s about moving product faster and cutting cost for the meat companies.

The Truth About the Trump Economy

A Nobel Prize winner in economics explains why the conventional wisdom about the Trump economy doesn’t add up.

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