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Trump Administration Lacks Comprehensive Plan to Reopen Federal Offices, GAO Says 

Asked if the federal government had released a comprehensive, detailed plan for agency reopenings, Christopher Mihm, managing director for strategic issues at GAO, said, “We’ve not seen one.” 

New Legislation Would Increase Oversight Over Agency Relocations 

The measure would require federal officials to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses and provide them to inspectors general and the public for review before undertaking any effort to move federal agencies.   

Still in short supply, N95 masks used over and over 

Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses and other clinicians are being forced to reuse hospital masks in ways that would have gotten them written up a year ago.   

Federal agency furloughs likely will have a significant impact in Kansas City 

While the agency doesn’t provide location-specific information, the furloughs figure to have an impact in Kansas City where more than 3,000 people work for USCIS directly or through a contractor.  

Fauci Tells All States It’s Time to Issue Extremely Strict Stay-at-Home Orders 

Anthony Fauci has told all states it’s time to stop allowing any exemptions to social-distancing guidelines, and warned that forcing people to stay home across the nation is the “only thing we have” in the federal government’s arsenal to fight back against the coronavirus pandemic. 

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