5 Stories that Matter

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Each week, AFGE browses the World Wide Web for stories that matter to AFGE members. Here are the five stories you shouldn’t miss this week:

Federal Retirees to Receive Biggest COLA Boost in Years
Federal retirees will receive a cost-of-living adjustment of 2.8 percent in their benefits next year, the largest increase in several years. FERS retirees will only receive a 2 percent COLA increase. 

Voter Registration Deadlines: How to Register in Each State
Election Day is Nov. 6, but voter registration deadlines in many states are well before that. Here’s a list of each state’s voter registration deadline.

Pay System for Feds, Designed for Equity, May Disadvantage Women
The rigidity of the federal pay system can help level the playing field between men and women, but it also can work against women. Overall, many observers agree that the government does a better job on pay equity for women than the private sector.

Newly Enacted Reforms Will Change the Way the Federal Government Responds to Disasters
Several provisions were tucked into the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act, including funding for the FAA, changes to how FEMA grants are allocated, and the creation of a new labor-management committee at TSA. 

Millennials, white-collar workers bringing new life to unions
Millennials and professionals are bringing new energy to the movement. Last year, a third of the 262,000 new union members nationwide were in professional or technical occupations, mostly in the public sector. And more than three-quarters of new members were under age 35, part of a five-year trend of growth among younger workers, according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

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