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Scott Walker Lost. The AFL-CIO Has Just Six Perfect Words for That. 

What to say about the man who systematically destroyed organized labor in Wisconsin, who as the state’s Republican governor created a mass shortage of public school teachers, and supported voting restrictions that likely helped elect Donald Trump to office?

Scott Walker Dismayed That Wisconsin Apparently Smarter Despite Cuts in Education  

Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, said on Wednesday that he was “dismayed and alarmed” that people in his state had somehow become smarter despite substantial cuts in education.

Georgia NAACP Files Complaints Alleging Voting Machines Incorrectly Registered Votes  

The Georgia NAACP filed complaints with state election officials alleging that some voting machines mistakenly showed votes cast for Democrat Stacey Abrams registering for her opponent Republican Brian Kemp.

Arkansas and Missouri Just Approved Big Minimum Wage Increases 

Arkansas and Missouri voters approved substantial increases to their state minimum wages as people across the political spectrum endorsed higher pay for low-wage workers.

Airport Turbulence: Assaults on TSA Agents on the Rise 

Grainy surveillance video shows the attack. An agitated Portland International Airport passenger grabbed an airport screener by the arm and attempted to wrestle her to the ground. Fellow passengers rushed to stop the man.

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