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Each week, AFGE browses the World Wide Web for stories that matter to AFGE members. Here are the five stories you shouldn’t miss this week:

OPM Withdraws Proposed Rule on Health Care Premiums for Some Feds

The Office of Personnel Management announced it has withdrawn a proposed rule that would have required federal employees who are on leave without pay status to keep paying their insurance premiums.

TSA agent recalls risking life: 'Somebody had to do it'

This TSA officer jumped into action after a smoldering bag was found in the checkpoint line.

61 EPA Staff Have Left Chicago Office in 2017, And They’re Missed

Between Trump’s inauguration and Oct. 17, 61 EPA employees have left the EPA’s Chicago-based Region 5 office. None of them have been replaced due to the EPA’s hiring freeze.

House passes GOP tax bill, upping pressure on struggling Senate effort

The House GOP has advanced big tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

More than 400 millionaires tell Congress: Don’t cut our taxes

There are good millionaires and there are bad millionaires. These 400 good millionaires are telling Congress that it’s a bad idea to cut their taxes because it worsens the wealth gap and adds to the nation’s debt.

Recent AFGE News:

Most Vacancies Are for Doctors and Nurses, Say VA Employees

November 17, 2017

Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and other healthcare professionals continue to take to the streets to shine a spotlight on the 49,000 vacancies at Department of Affairs hospitals nationwide. Understaffing deprives veterans of the critical care they deserve and were promised when they signed up to serve the country.

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