8 Signs You Are a Union Mom

Being a mom is not easy. That’s why we love them, because only they know what it takes to raise a child. That’s also why we have enormous respect for moms who are also union activists – they do all the things that moms do but also stand up for their union family.   

They hold member meetings, go to rallies, write their members of Congress for the cause they believe in, and make sure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. And they do all this so seamlessly that many people don’t even know they’re a union mom.   

Can you spot a union mom? Are YOU a union mom?   

Here are 8 signs you are a union mom:   

  1. You’re on a conference call, scheduling a meeting, cooking dinner, and herding your kids without missing any incoming emails. 
  2. You demand to bargain with your kids over the hours and locations of their cell phone usage. 
  3. You get excited when your teenage son/daughter agrees to go to a rally with you. 
  4. After dealing with bad managers for years, nothing scares you, including when your two-year-old has just eaten your dog’s treat off the carpet. 
  5. You can smell a lie from a mile away, whether it’s from the agency LR rep or your seven-year-old son. 
  6. That’s why your seven-year-old immediately confesses that he ate the entire cake you just baked for your best friend's birthday after initially suggesting the dog did. 
  7. You proudly explain to your kids why you boycott clothing stores, grocery stores, and fast food joints that don’t treat their workers right. 
  8. Your happy hour is when the contract is ratified and the members you care for thank you for your hard work!  

On this Mother’s Day, celebrate a union mom in your life and tell her how much you appreciate what she does not only for her family but also for her colleagues and fellow Americans.  

Tag a union mom you appreciate and want to give a special shout out to! 

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