AFGE: A Future “Big Enough to Win”

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AFGE always has had its pulse on the issues of the day and its eye on the future.  On the eve of the 2013 Shutdown/Lockout, more than 700 AFGE members, officers and staff met in Orlando, Florida, to devise a strategy for growing the union in the coming decade.

Participants applied their collective wisdom, experience and dedication to the task of moving this great union forward. Together, they formed strategies designed to create the power necessary to build a larger, more effective union with enough resources to sustain government workers through future shutdowns, unfair practices and economic hardship.

Efforts already are underway to build stronger alliances with like-minded organizations, oversee community based initiatives, and develop education and training.  Advances in technology and networking puts our members at the forefront of information and access to these initiatives as they roll out.  Improved benefits and services help members better navigate the difficult economic rollercoaster of ineffective government policies.

Our endeavors to reach a wider audience via media outreach and increased visibility engages federal workers worldwide and motivates new workers to get organized – proving that the “power of solidarity” is a force that achieves results.

Now, a new generation of union leaders, organizers, technology and communications experts, office workers and engineers is exploding on the scene at AFGE, providing new opportunities for 21st century government workers and opening more doors for international, cross-cultural, multi-generation collaboration. With efforts to expand the reach and influence of our powerful union, AFGE’s big vision is on the rise to new heights.

Over its 75-year history, AFGE has accomplished what naysayers claimed couldn’t be done. Our organization always has operated from the bottom up, dreamed big, fought hard and overcome incredible obstacles to improve the lives of federal government workers. We are well on our way to a bright new global alignment and a future that is “Big Enough to Win.”

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