AFGE Activists in Texas Join the Nationwide Fight for 15 Movement

Categories: Pay, Labor

Activists from AFGE Local 1920, AFGE Local 2109, and AFGE District 10 rallied in solidarity at Fort Hood Army Base Wednesday in support of a $15/hour minimum wage and a union for all workers. They joined labor activists all across the country who protested on April 15 to demand higher wages for low-wage workers, including those employed by the federal government.

“We’re standing up for our colleagues,” said Cheryl Eliano, AFGE District 10 National Vice President. “These dedicated workers support our troops every day, but can’t afford to support their own families.”

AFGE stands in solidarity with the Fight for 15 campaign. We proudly join adjunct faculty, home care workers, child care providers, airport staff, retailers, hospitality workers, and countless others in their struggle for a shot at the American dream. All working people deserve a decent living wage that enables them to support their families, and we will march onward until that day comes.  

Watch the video of our rally here.

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