AFGE Council 120 Discusses Workplace Issues with Coast Guard Commandant

Categories: DHS, Workers' Rights

Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Paul Zukunft met with the Executive Board of AFGE Council 120 and the management representatives from the CG/AFGE National Labor Management Forum on June 15 at Coast Guard Headquarters. Admiral Zukunft was joined by Vice Commandant Vice Admiral Peter Neffinger. 

The union and management talked extensively about the challenges we have faced in the last year and how we were able to surmount those challenges through the spirit of collaboration, partnership and even some frank and robust exchanges. In the end, both parties acknowledged the importance of partnership and the spirit of collaboration in improving the workplace and the efficiency of the service.

“I am holding fast on the workforce,” stated Admiral Zukunft, adding he is "not drawing down anymore". 

In addition to these assurances, he will work to keep our child development centers because quality childcare is important for our workforce and helps with workforce retention. 

The commandant showed a keen interest in AFGE’s proposal to introduce Academy cadets to their labor relation obligations before graduation. He promised to meet with AFGE Council 120 again during his tenure and to keep the lines of communication open.

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