AFGE Local 2058 Stops National Park Service from Spying on Employees

Categories: Workers' Rights

The National Park Service (NPS) in Philadelphia wanted to use security cameras to monitor employees and conduct performance evaluations. But AFGE Local 2058 said “Not so fast,” and the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) sided with the union.

The union and NPS have been engaged in contract negotiations since 2010. But the negotiations hit an impasse when the agency wanted to eliminate restrictions on the use of security cameras originally confined to security matters. AFGE rejected the proposal and got the FLRA involved.

In ruling in favor of the union, the FLRA said the agency cannot use security cameras to monitor employee performance and do employee performance appraisals but can use cameras for security and misconduct investigations.

“I have no doubt that if we had lost here, if the NPS management could have erased that prohibition against using cameras for annual performance appraisals, they would have taped every employee at work all the time, picked out the footage they wanted and managed by remote control,” said Local President Dave Fitzpatrick.

AFGE congratulates President Fitzpatrick, Vice President Adam Duncan, and AFGE 3rd District National Representative Richard Gennetti on a job well done!

Local 2058 represents employees who provide various services including critical maintenance, historical preservation, conservation, and restoration of numerous historical and cultural landmarks, including the Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia.

Read the entire FLRA decision here.

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