AFGE Local President Elected San Antonio Central Labor Council Trustee

AFGE Local 1367, which represents federal employees at Lackland Air Force Base, joined the San Antonio Central Labor Council (CLC) only in January. But eight months in, its local president Eloise Stripling was elected trustee of the council, a group of local labor unions that represent the interests of working people in the community.

It was an honor to be elected, Stripling said. Being a part of the CLC has broadened her awareness of what organized labor is doing in the San Antonio area and helped her learn about what union sisters and brothers in other unions are struggling with.

She’s urging AFGE members and locals to get involved in their local CLC because politicians are trying to wipe out unions at all levels, including AFGE.

“If we allow our rights to be chipped away one state at a time, eventually it will be our turn at the federal union. We’ve already seen Congress trying to do that,” she said.

Stripling credited District 10 National Vice President Cheryl Eliano for urging her local and other locals in District 10 to join their local central labor councils as a way to help strengthen the labor movement at the local level and build a relationship with city and state lawmakers, many of whom go on to become U.S. members of Congress or senators who pass laws that directly affect federal employees.

“It is important for us to participate so we can push back against what’s happening to the private sector unions at the local level because that will eventually affect us,” Stripling added.

Find your local CLC

CLCs and State Federations of Labor are umbrella groups made up of many different unions in your area. They foster a strong community that comes together to fight for bettering the lives of all workers and their families.

“When we take part in the CLCs, we invest in ourselves and the labor movement as a whole,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “If we are to win this war against unions, we need to come together. We are stronger together.”

AFGE is committed to increasing participation in CLCs nationwide. Click here to find a CLC or State Fed in your area.

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