AFGE Member Wins $29,000 in Scholarship to Pursue Master’s Degree

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For Kiristyn Miles, AFGE plays a crucial role in her professional life. As a physical therapist at the Department of Veterans Affairs, she cherishes her therapeutic gifts, and it has been a joy to provide safe and quality care to veterans. But her union has made her professional journey even more meaningful. It has also given her a new perspective on her employment and rights as a federal employee.  

“Serving as my justice system, the AFGE has provided me with the reassurance and confidence I need to continuously strive within an unstable political system. The AFGE has been a balancing tool for me to maintain my professionalism, provide safe and quality care and enjoy serving as an essential worker, from reassurance that the Master Agreement will be honored. As an active AFGE member I have been able to hold my employer accountable for actions that were unjust and unethical,” Miles wrote in the essay that won her a full scholarship worth $29,000 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Information Management Technology at Grantham University. “This union has not only offered me professional support, but also personal support for my home, life and automotive benefit, including several other discounts.” 

Miles has been active in her local – Local 1822 – throughout her employment with the VA for over four years. With this scholarship, she hopes to enhance her leadership skills and continue to serve as a member and role model for others. 

Every year, Grantham University awards a full scholarship to an AFGE member to pursue an undergraduate (worth $35,000) or graduate degree (worth $29,000) at the university. The scholarship covers tuition, books, software, and fees. Each scholarship will also include a laptop computer provided by AFGE. 


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