AFGE Members Are Getting Out the Vote in 2020

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With Election Day only a month away, it is more important than ever for AFGE members to activate their voices and volunteer for Labor 2020 to ensure we elect pro-worker candidates. AFGE activists like Shekina Givens and Gilbert Galam are hitting the phone lines to speak to union members and help get out the vote ahead of Nov. 3. 

“Since reaching adulthood and becoming a federal worker, not getting involved has never been an option for me,” said Givens, who is president of AFGE Local 554 and District 5 Y.O.U.N.G. Coordinator. “Labor 2020 is no different. I am involved every day, every election cycle because my life, my family’s life, and all peoples’ lives and livelihoods are at stake. I’m involved because my ancestors weren’t allowed to be. They fought and died for me to have an opportunity they didn’t have.”

Givens says educating union members about candidates is important because so many members are unaware of the facts and what’s at stake during election season. “As an activist, I can’t sit back and allow people to make uneducated decisions,” she said.

Expanding the Civil Rights Act, reforming police departments, and addressing income disparities within the school system are among Givens’ top issues this election.

Galam, who is AFGE Local 1230’s secretary and legislative political coordinator, as well as District 12 Y.O.U.N.G. Coordinator, says he is volunteering in this year’s election to help ensure the passing of equal workplace rights for his fellow TSA officers and to maintain collective bargaining rights for all government workers. 

“The labor movement is at a critically pivotal time. Labor needs to put our endorsed candidates in office to give workers more power in America,” Galam said. “Only then can we finally be on the offense against anti-union efforts and corporate greed.” 

Volunteering for Labor 2020 gives AFGE members an opportunity to educate union members about candidates, where candidates stand on issues that matter to union members, and why their vote is impactful.

“When members go out to vote based on this knowledge, they become invested in what their elected officials actually do,” Galam said.

Among the top issues Galam would like to see candidates address are equal union rights for TSOs, full expansion of federal employee paid family leave, criminal justice reform, Medicare for All, and expanded labor rights and protections. 

To volunteer for Labor 2020, visit to fill out the form and someone will get in touch with you.

AFGE members should also reach out to their Legislative and Political Coordinator or the district’s Legislative Political Organizer. 

Visit for more information about Election Day 2020 and candidates who support government workers.

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