AFGE Membership Hits Record High - Again!

Categories: Big Enough to Win

AFGE closed the month of June with the highest membership record of 296,199 members, closing in on our immediate goal of 300,000! The union welcomed 1,717 more members into the AFGE family last month.

What does this mean to you as a federal or D.C. government employee? It means you have more new voices, new activists, and more influence on the issues that matter to you like your pay, your job, your health insurance, your retirement. Every new member that joins this union makes your voice stronger. 

AFGE thanks our leaders and member recruiters for helping us reach this new milestone. Federal employees recognize that AFGE helps them focus on their jobs of moving this country forward.

AFGE’s membership has grown every single year for decades, a remarkable accomplishment considering the fact that every year 40,000-100,000 federal employees retire and 30,000-40,000 leave the federal service. The federal civilian workforce is also the smallest since 1966. 

AFGE is determined to continue to grow. We have launched our Big Enough to Win campaign to strengthen the union on every front. Visit for more information about our Big Enough to Win plan to protect our jobs, pay, retirement, and the middle class. Do not access during work time or from a government computer.

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