AFGE Reaches Highest Membership Ever

Categories: Big Enough to Win

Against all odds, AFGE last month reached its highest membership ever at 288,374 members. AFGE’s membership has grown every single year for decades, a remarkable accomplishment considering the fact that every year 40,000-100,000 federal employees retire and 30,000-40,000 leave the federal service. The federal civilian workforce is also the smallest since 1966. 

“Employees recognize that AFGE empowers working people and helps protect their American Dream,” said AFGE President J. David Cox Sr. “We stand for fair compensation, good jobs, equal opportunity, and fairness to help our members focus on their jobs of moving this country forward.”

As AFGE’s membership rocketed to new heights, the union continues to pave the way for stronger employee representation and workplace rights through organizing. AFGE is one of the few unions to grow in membership every year for the past decade, and our immediate goal of 300,000 members will put the union in an even better position to protect and empower our members. AFGE has set our sight on a future that is Big Enough to Win.

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