AFGE Reminds Congress Defense Civilian Workforce Is Cheapest

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In anticipation of an event on Thursday by some lawmakers and think tanks to discuss defense reforms including the size of the Pentagon’s civilian workforce, AFGE sent a letter to members of Congress in both the House and the Senate, reiterating the fact that the Department of Defense civilian workforce is the cheapest among the department’s three workforces – military, contractors, and DoD civilians. 

“Given that the civilian workforce costs the least, what explains the obsession of certain lawmakers and certain defense think tanks with the size of the civilian workforce?” the union asked. 

AFGE also pointed out that the civilian workforce has had only a modest increase in size while the cost of service contractors has more than doubled. But the increase in the civilian workforce between 2001 and 2011 actually reduced costs to DoD as expensive military personnel and service contractors were converted to cheaper civilian personnel. But because of politics, the civilian workforce is now being cut the most. 

Read our letter here.  

Read the letter from the organizations pushing to cut the DoD civilian workforce here.

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